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Muthoni Garland
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  • Halfway Between Nairobi and Dundori

    KES 330

    Wanjeri and her unemployed husband Murage live in Naivasha in reduced circumstances despite their education and previous professional circumstances. Naivasha…

    by Muthoni Garland
  • Attack of the Shidas Akas Save Planet Earth

    KES 380

    In a desert town in the far north, people from three communities depend on a borehole for all their water.…

    by Muthoni Garland
  • The Amazing Race

    KES 365

    Kamau is set to run the race of his life. Will his Baba show up to see him in? Will…

    by Muthoni Garland
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  • Tracking the Scent of my Mother

    KES 600

    'My father wooed my mother in a 1200 Datsun pick-up sold so soon afterwards that it must have felt to…

    by Muthoni Garland