Touring My Mind

by Eric Onyango Otieno

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Touring My Mind  by Eric Onyango Otieno is a 187 page collection that entails an array of conceptualized statements that open us up into the mind of the poet, giving us opportunity to travel into and through his words in this ebook assembly. Eric says these are his thoughts on the day to day experiences that have shaped the way he sees the world.


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EXCERPT: “We spend many days marveling at the stars, wishing we were the moon so we may feel how the sun’s lips taste. We envy the non-permanence of clouds – the strength they have to move on so fast. We gape at the beauty of trees, the wizardry of rain, and the fabulosity of snowy mountains – things we can never be, first before falling in love with the heavenliness of ourselves, the pulchritude of those like us; human beings. The elegance of this world is incomplete without us finding our individual beauties.”


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Eric Onyango Otieno

Eric Onyango Otieno is a Kenyan poet, born and bred in Nairobi. He began writing poetry at the age of sixteen, while going through a turbulent phase of his teenage, and has been performing his work in several poetry events since he was twenty, under the pseudonym ‘’Rixpoet’’. He is the Co-Founder of Fatuma’s Voice. His poetry has been featured in The Power Of Words Anthology, published by the Kenyan Poets Lounge in 2013, and Badilisha Poetry X-change; an online audio archive and Pan-African poetry show delivered in radio format, based in South Africaa Found Places was a collaborative effort with Gufy Poet; A series of poems about self exploration, and below is one of those poems they performed at Kwani? Open Mic.