The Poetry of Scriptwise

by Steve Otieno

KES 300

Category: E-book, Poetry

The Poetry of Scriptwise is a veritably knitted anthology that covers soulful introspection, love, desire, passion and solitude among other themes. The beauty of the anthology is in the mental image and the harmony of the heart that each poem creates, allowing the reader not only to read but experience the sensations that the words create. 42 pages in length, it jumpstarts an emotional roller coaster like a churn of organs in which each sense of the reader is massaged and doesn’t remain the same. The poetry is dense making each line a foundation. The anthology transitory settings and themes in which the persona seems to record the good, the bad and the ugly of life’s intricacies forms a grandiose book. The measure of brilliance is then in the ability of a reader perusing this anthology more than once.” – Eddy Ongili


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Steve Otieno

Steve Otieno is an entrepreneur based in Eldoret. Going by the stage name Script-wise, he has ingrained in himself a tenet that pushes him to write not merely to entertain, but to involve fellows in a train of thought. A relative observer, he credits this to the way he goes about his writing. Thought is his inspiration, and he finds merry in the freedom of not having control over the words seeking mediums to become. He is a Co-founder of One Night Stand, a poetry event in Eldoret, and a Co-founder of Eldoret Poets Association, an online community of poets.