Ages 6-9

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  • Being a Bird

    KSh 715

    ‘Take a look around you.  Can you see a bird?  With its mountains, forests, grasslands, deserts, lakes and ocean, Kenya…

  • Path to Womanhood

    KSh 200

    A menstrual hygiene manual developed for primary school girls ages 9 – 14 years, their parents, guardians and teachers. It…

  • Refilwe

    KSh 850

    A take on the traditional German tale Rapunzel in a Southern African setting. Zukiswa Wanner brings young readers a retelling…

    by Zukiswa Wanner
  • The Amazing Race

    KSh 365

    Kamau is set to run the race of his life. Will his Baba show up to see him in? Will…

    by Muthoni Garland
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  • Mti wa Milele

    KSh 350

    Kobe aliota ndoto kuhusu mti unaozaa matunda ya kila aina. Ke. mti huu upo? Je, siri ya kuupa mti huu…

    by Wangari Grace
  • The Forever Tree

    KSh 350

    Tortoise dreams of a tree that produces all kinds of fruits. Does this tree exist? What is the secret of…

    by Wangari Grace
  • A Name for Himself

    KSh 410

    "So, young man," he started. "How do you feel about joining Greenpines?" How did he feel? Actually, none of all…

    by Erick Livumbazi Ngoda
  • Lil’ Kanji And The Falling Sun

    KSh 350

    Lil' Kanji And The Falling Sun by Mwangi Gituro is about a boy with  a grim dream about the sun…

    by Mwangi Gituro
  • Wangari Maathai: The Mother of Trees

    KSh 400

    This is an enchanting story of three children who find themselves in the Land of Trees, where they meet Mama…

    by Kinyanjui Kombani