• The Webs We Weave

    KES 900

    Kabelo and three friends undertake a road trip from university to his hometown, Mafikeng. One of them dies tragically after…

  • The Promised Land

    KES 615

    A young farmer and his wife who have migrated to Tanzania from Kenya become embroiled in issues of personal jealousy…

  • The Fishermen

    KES 1,750

    Nine-year-old Benjamin is the youngest of four brothers. They live in the rocky hills of Akure. When their civil servant…

    by Chigozie Obioma
  • The Hairdresser of Harare

    KES 1,500

    Vimbai is the star hairdresser of her salon, the smartest in Harare, Zimbabwe, until the enigmatic Dumisani appears. Losing many…

    by Tendai Huchu
  • Incidents at the Shrine

    KES 950

    In the chaotic world of his African village, the spirit-child Azaro still watches the tumultuous and tender lives of the…

    by Ben Okri
  • Things Fall Apart

    KES 495

    Things Fall Apart tells two intertwining stories, both centering on Okonkwo, a “strong man” of an Ibo village in Nigeria.…

    by Chinua Achebe
  • The Hairdresser of Harare

    KES 1,500

    Like very good dark chocolate this is a delicious novel, with a bitter-sweet flavour. Vimbai is a hairdresser, the best…

    by Tendai Huchu
  • Foreign Gods, Inc.

    KES 1,690

    From a disciple of the late Chinua Achebe comes a masterful and universally acclaimed novel that is at once a…

  • The Return of Shaka

    KES 640

    Ex-ranger Johnny Kimathi just wanted to lead a quiet married life away from all the violence, but they wouldn't let…

    by Meja Mwangi
  • Like A Mule Bringing Ice Cream To The Sun

    KES 1,350

    Morayo Da Silva, a cosmopolitan Nigerian woman, lives in hip San Francisco. On the cusp of seventy-five, she is in…

  • Don’t Die on Wednesday

    KES 1,385

    Rising football star and Tottenham FC top striker Bubaraye Dabowei’s career is torpedoed by a freak accident at a game…

    by Micheal Afenfia
  • Age of Iron

    KES 1,350

    An utterly contemporary and deeply thought-provoking novel which addresses the profound unease of countless people in modern democracies around the…

    by J.M Coetzee
  • We Need New Names

    KES 1,150

    ‘To play the country-game, we have to choose a country. Everybody wants to be the USA and Britain and Canada…

    by NoViolet Bulawayo
  • Across the Bridge

    KES 504

    Across the Bridge by Mwangi Gicheru narrates the story of two young lovers, Chuma and Caroline Wambui, whose social and economic…

    by Mwangi Gicheru

Anthologies & Short Story Collections

  • The Seven Rules of the Hyena and Other Stories

    KES 850

    An anthology of 20 contemporary African stories, this book holds the mirror up to the ongoing conflict between traditional African…

  • Fire In The Night And Other Stories: The 2014 Writivism Anthology

    KES 600

    Fire In The Night And Other Stories - The 2014 Writivism Anthology contains the best of the entries submitted to…

    by Writivism
    Out of stock
  • Kwani? 06

    KES 800

    Kwani? 06, is an anthology of short fiction and poetry by Kenyan And African writers born after September 1978. Farah…

    by Kwani? Trust
    Out of stock
  • Safe House

    KES 1,950

    In a collection of creative essays that ranges from travel writing and memoir to reportage, Ellah Wakatama Allfrey brings together…

  • To See The Mountain And Other Stories

    KES 975

    The 2011 judges panel for The Caine Prize for African Writing was chaired by award-winning Libyan novelist Hisham Matar. Joining…

    by Caine Prize for African Writing
  • Moonscapes Anthology

    KES 700

    From a bar in Nairobi where “the potheads, struggling artists and wannabe professors drink and pontificate into the night”, to…

    by African Writers Trust
  • The Gonjon Pin & Other Stories

    KES 1,650

    The Caine Prize for African Writing is Africa's leading literary prize. For fifteen years it has supported and promoted contemporary…

    by Caine Prize for African Writing
  • Femmolution

    KES 2,300

    “Powerful.intimate. Femmolution let’s you into the different worlds of women. it lets you hear their voice, see the unsaid and…

  • Imagine Africa 500

    KES 1,300

    This book asks the question of what the future will bring to Africa and its people. Could it be a…

  • Say You’re One of Them

    KES 1,490

    Each story in this jubilantly acclaimed collection pays testament to the wisdom and resilience of children, even in the face…

  • Smithereens of Death

    KES 950

    When you are as old as Mma-mma is, and you can feel the life smouldering underneath your skin, there is…

    by Olubunmi Familoni
    Out of stock
  • Fifth Draft ~ An Anthology of Poetry & Prose

    KES 650

    An anthology of poetry and short stories by nine very different writers handling all sorts of ‘life skills‘ from snatching…

    by Lesleigh Kenya
  • Tropical Fish

    KES 795

    In her fiction debut, Doreen Baingana follows a Ugandan girl as she navigates the uncertain terrain of adolescence. Set mostly…

    by Doreen Baingana
  • The Thing Around Your Neck

    KES 995

    Searing and profound, suffused with beauty, sorrow, and longing, these stories map, with Adichie’s signature emotional wisdom, the collision of…

    by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


  • To Be A Man; Kwani? Poetry Anthology

    KES 600 KES 420

    " ...I do not want to be crippled before I can walk, to be shoved in the face of machismo…

    by Kwani? Trust
    Out of stock
  • Clinical Blues

    KES 600

    “Your fragrance stills me, stirs me Every time your voice lingers In the crevices of my ears Thrilling my ossicles…

    by Dami Ajayi
    Out of stock
  • A Nation in Labour

    KES 600

    "A Nation in Labour is a multitude of voices, a collective protest against the present, and a stubborn belief in the…

    by Harriet Anena
  • The Poetry of Scriptwise

    KES 300

    Category: E-book, Poetry “The Poetry of Scriptwise is a veritably knitted anthology that covers soulful introspection, love, desire, passion and…

    by Steve Otieno
  • Akello

    KES 600

    "Abigail’s poetry will make you bleed and then patch you up again. She tells stories of love with unflagging vitality, and…

    by Abigail Arunga
    Out of stock
  • A Side of Raunch

    KES 200

    Abigail Arunga's second collection of work deeper explores the correlation between words and bodies, sensualities and things left unsaid. With…

    by Abigail Arunga
  • The Headline That Morning & Other Poems

    KES 600

    The Headline That Morning and Other poems is a poetry collection by Ugandan poet, Peter Kagayi. There are 50 poems…

    by Peter Kagayi
  • Cut off My Tongue

    KES 550

    One of the most sobering and positive things to happen in Kenya in 2008, soon after the post-election violence, was…

    by Sitawa Namwalie
  • A Tributary in Servitude

    KES 600

    “When two look at two their silence holds a million tales – emotions erupt convulsing folds of passion melt into…

    by Servio Gbadamosi
  • The Final Testament of a Minor God

    KES 900

    The hundred poems in this anthology strike a balance between orthodoxy and rebellion, between modern and heritage. The poetic voice…

    by Chuma Nwokolo
  • a river’s journey

    KES 1,080

    "Amu Nnadi’s newest poetry offering, a river’s journey, spans 172 pages. The book is divided into four sections, each of…

    by Amu Nnadi
  • A Good Mourning

    KES 1,075

    They would have her mind pots and pans, or, not cooking, chained to a bedpost with her braided chador and…

    by Ogaga Ifowodo
  • Dance Here

    KES 835

    Laura bursts into song with an efficacious voice that is unapologetic– woven with lines that give skin rush. This is…

    by Laura M. Kaminski
  • Lilac Uprising

    KES 630

    The collection of 85 poems covers a ‘wonderfully varied, in terms of geography, theme and tone. ‘Phyllis Muthoni is an…

    by Phyllis Muthoni

Children's Books

  • Wangari Maathai: The Mother of Trees

    KES 400

    This is an enchanting story of three children who find themselves in the Land of Trees, where they meet Mama…

    by Kinyanjui Kombani
  • Lil’ Kanji And The Falling Sun

    KES 350

    Lil' Kanji And The Falling Sun by Mwangi Gituro is about a boy with  a grim dream about the sun…

    by Mwangi Gituro
  • Magic

    KES 400

    Magic by Joseph Bokea is a fantasy fiction novel by a twelve-year-old that will surprise and delight every reader. It…

    by Joseph Bokea
  • Mti wa Milele

    KES 350

    Kobe aliota ndoto kuhusu mti unaozaa matunda ya kila aina. Ke. mti huu upo? Je, siri ya kuupa mti huu…

    by Wangari Grace
  • The High Road

    KES 450

    The story revolves around Form Two student, Bella Tugi, whose best friends Eva and Tom – often teased ‘mice’ for…

  • Moses and the Man from Mars

    KES 280

    The Junior Readers Series is designed to encourage reading for pleasure and to meet the supplementary reading needs of upper…

    by Barbara Kimenye
  • High Tide at Shibale

    KES 410

    Two innocent girls and an equally innocent house help would make a merry mixture for the much-anticipated December holiday. The…

    by Charles O. Okoth
  • Anna the Air Hostess

    KES 300

    This is the dramatic story of a girl's struggle to become an air hostess in the jet-age, and her adventures…

    by Cynthia E. Hunter
  • No Bigger Mistake

    KES 795

    Set in a fictional Kenyan law school, the novel surrounds twin brothers CJ and Tuma, who chase a fairly unstable girl,…

    by Irene Assumpter Sumi
  • Lost But Found

    KES 300

    Ben and Sarah get lost at the showground! Where is Mum? Where is Dad? What will they do? This interesting, easy…

    by Kinyanjui Kombani
  • Captured by Raiders

    KES 350

    Nanjala, a young Bukusu girl, is captured by the fierce Tondo warriors during a raid in which they also killed…

    by Benjamin S. Wegesa
  • The Forever Tree

    KES 350

    Tortoise dreams of a tree that produces all kinds of fruits. Does this tree exist? What is the secret of…

    by Wangari Grace
  • Ola and Bisi Adventures of Health

    KES 600

    Beautifully illustrated, Fit Kid or Fat Kid continues the Adventures of Ola and Bisi, two children from a privileged home.…

    by Edirin Metseagharun
  • Dust and the Shadow

    KES 650

    Dust and the Shadow is the epic story of the exodus of the people of Shuk in search of Ophir,…

    by Valerie Cuthbert


  • Pathway to Achieving your Full Potential

    KES 500

    Therefore pathway to achieving your full potential seeks to help you deserve some very basic secrets on how you can…

    by Geoffrey M. Ongwae
  • The Power of Believing in your Dream

    KES 700

    It really doesn’t matter how big and powerful your dream is. What matters is taking steps towards its realization. If…

    by Geoffrey M. Ongwae
    Out of stock
  • Finally Exhumed

    KES 900

    When Benjamin Mavuti Kivuthi passed on and in Hospital for that matter nothing looked suspect.  Expectations of the society was…

  • The Webs We Weave

    KES 900

    Kabelo and three friends undertake a road trip from university to his hometown, Mafikeng. One of them dies tragically after…

  • Way Back Home

    KES 1,050

    I, Kimathi Fezile Tito, do solemnly declare that I am a soldier of the South African revolution. I am a…

  • Holy Joe!

    KES 200

    A Pocket handbook on Sexual Purity. Porn. Masturbation. Pre-marital sex. You name it! Sexual sin in our time is glazed…

    by Ernest Wamboye


  • A Side of Raunch

    KES 200

    Abigail Arunga's second collection of work deeper explores the correlation between words and bodies, sensualities and things left unsaid. With…

    by Abigail Arunga
  • Akello

    KES 600

    "Abigail’s poetry will make you bleed and then patch you up again. She tells stories of love with unflagging vitality, and…

    by Abigail Arunga
    Out of stock
  • The Other Experiment

    KES 250

    Experimental in form, The Other Experiment interrogates the idea of otherness, giving us a somewhat heartbreaking image of Kenya (and…

    by Ras Mengesha
  • Den of Inequities

    KES 450

    In Den of Inequities, Kombani chooses to revisit the question of socioeconomic stratification. In this narrative we are compelled to…

    by Kinyanjui Kombani
  • After 4:30

    KES 600

    After 4:30 rocketed the now reknown author, David G. Maillu, to become the most widely read, controversial and humorous writer in…

    by David G. Maillu
  • The Last Villains of Molo

    KES 520

    Bone, Bafu, Rock, Ngeta and Bomu are five unemployed young men who live in a Nairobi slum. The entry of…

    by Kinyanjui Kombani


  • Borderlines

    KES 1,650

    The debut novel by a British writer with nearly two decades of African experience – a compelling courtroom drama and…

  • Palace of Desire

    KES 1,390

    The sensual and provocative second volume in the "Cairo Trilogy", "Palace Of Desire" follows the Al Jawad family into the…

    by Naguib Mahfouz
  • Love Is Power, Or Something Like That

    KES 1,700

    Where sex is a currency, or a weapon. Where power ends in corruption, or violence. Where the worst thing to…

    by Igoni Barrett
    Out of stock
  • History and Development of Money in Kenya

    KES 6,350

    The Central Bank of Kenya celebrated 50 years of service to the nation of Kenya on 14th September, 2016. To…


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